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Our Story

Allied Sawing & Services is proud to be an employee-owned company. Our three owners, in addition to managing the company, work jobs every day with our other employees. Our company was created when owners Cory Peck and Justin Guerrant met working at a concrete company. Soon after, they went into business together and created Allied Sawing & Services. A short while after the creation of Allied Sawing & Services, our third owner Keith Francis joined the team. When it comes to cutting concrete, we have the vast knowledge needed to get the job done right. Allied Sawing & Services has over 50 years of experience in our industry just between our three owners. We are knowledgeable in our field and can handle any job that comes our way!

Our Company

We take great pride in our company culture. Not only are we hardworking and ambitious, but we take time to reward our employees for the quality work they do. Cutting concrete isn’t always a glamorous job, but our employees invest the time and care to ensure we get the job done right. Our laid-back approach makes the job more enjoyable and encourages positive interactions within our team. With 7 total employees, we highly value the work that they do and we strive to make our company’s culture enjoyable and productive. When we’re not cutting concrete, we carve out time to take company fishing trips. On job sites and outside of work we encourage camaraderie and thank our employees for the excellent work that they do each and every day.

Core drilling machinery being used for a new project
Allied Sawing workers assisting in plumbing installation

Our Values

At Allied Sawing & Services, we greatly value hard work and family. During the week, our team gives their all towards the job and whatever projects may arise. That being said, we believe weekends are a time meant for family and friends. We are generally closed on weekends to ensure our employees take time to relax and enjoy time spent with family, but do work weekends when needed. Allied Sawing & Services is OSHA Compliant and is highly committed to upholding the Occupational Safety and Health Act created by the US Department of Labor. By committing to OSHA compliance, we ensure all of our employees are working in healthy and safe conditions one hundred percent of the time. With OSHA compliance, we meet all standards for training, education, outreach and assistance for our employees. We ALWAYS maintain necessary regulations and safety standards to keep our employees and everyone involved in a job safe.


As a business, we place a high value on uplifting and supporting our local Mid-Missouri community. We proudly donate and support CASA. This organization helps lift up youth in the community and specifically children in the foster system. Many of these children don’t have a permanent adult figure in their life. CASA has a volunteer stay with a child and their case until they are placed in a permanent home. CASA provides a constant adult presence in these children’s lives and ensures they do not get lost in the legal system or placed in a bad foster home. Allied Sawing & Services is proud to support CASA and the community that we live in.

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