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Slab sawing can be used to repair and replace a variety of surfaces. Allied Sawing & Services use slab saws on driveways, sidewalks, runways, parking lots, bridge decks, roofs and more!

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Slab Sawing service

Allied Sawing & Services proudly services both residential and commercial surfaces. Slab saws are used to create trenches in any flat slab of concrete. They are beneficial when removing curbs, creating trenches, or widening a street. Our slab saws are strictly vertical and can’t be used on a wall, but we do provide other wall and hand sawing services. We can make cuts up to two feet deep into existing concrete. Our knowledge, experience and machinery can easily handle any size concrete cutting job that you have for us!

High quality work

Slab saws get the job done right

Our high quality saws can handle any job thrown at them. We use two models, the Husqvarna FS 7000 D and the FS 9900 D 3-speed flat saw for our large, outdoor projects. The FS 7000 D is well-suited for roadwork and other mid size jobs; and we use the FS 9900 D on jobs that require deep cuts and the fifth wheel option allows easy raising and lowering of the rear saw for optimal precision. For interior projects, we utilize the CC 3700, which runs off of 40 horse electric powered motors for increased efficiency. All of our saws use high quality diamond blades to provide you with the most precise cuts possible. Additionally, our saw uses water to make cuts, meaning there is no dust at the project site.

What types of jobs can slab saws be used for?

Our high quality slab saws can be used on almost any structure indoors or outdoors and are suitable to use in a variety of jobs including:

Concrete Cutting

& removal services

Allied Sawing & Services provides specialized concrete removal services. If the concrete around your home or business is beginning to show sigs of age and cracks, we will remove the problem for you. Our slab saws will cut and prepare old and unwanted concrete for removal. Cracked and chipped concrete not only aesthetically damages an area, but an uneven surface creates danger to those walking on it and creates the chance of trips or falls. Allied Sawing & Services will remove old concrete and haul it away to increase convenience for our customers. When it comes to removing the concrete, you have two options for disposal methods. We will either provide a dumpster on site to dispose of the concret, or we will load it into one of our trucks and haul it away.

Discover our wide array of concrete cutting services and what our slab saws can do for you!

Additional Services

Core Drilling

Allied Sawing & Services drills holes into walls, ceilings and floors to prepare for installation of new ductwork or piping.

Wall & Hand Sawing

Wall sawing and hand sawing are used for a variety of interior jobs sucha s home remodels, commercial remodels, cutting egress windows and more!

Wire Cutting

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Robotic demolition

Call us today for a free quote on your next concrete cutting or selective demolition project. We are eager to work with you!