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Wire sawing is often used in construction, demolition and renovation projects where conventional sawing methods may not be feasible or efficient.

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Wire cutting service

Wire sawing uses a wire that has diamond beads on it to cut through concrete, brick, block or steel. This is a good method to use when the material that we are cutting is over 24″ thick. As long as we can get all the way around the object we can cut through it no matter the thickness. It offers advantages such as versatility, precise cutting, reduced vibration and the ability to cut large and thick concrete structures.


What to expect from this service

Set up: The first step is to set up the wire sawing equipment. This typically includes installing a wire saw machine, which consists of a motorized pulley system, a wire rope with diamond beads and a guiding system to control the cutting path. The equipment is positioned and secured in the desired location for the concrete cutting.

Anchoring: Before cutting begins, the wire saw needs to be anchored to the concrete. This is done by drilling small holes into the concrete and inserting specially designed anchor bolts or wire rope loops. The wire rope is then attached securely to the anchors to provide stability during the cutting process.

What to expect

Tensioning: Once the wire saw is properly anchored, it is tensioned to create the cutting action. Tensioning is achieved by tightening the wire rope using hydraulic or mechanical tensioning devices. The wire saw needs to be adequately tensioned to ensure precise and effective cutting.

Cutting: With the wire saw properly tensioned, the cutting process can begin. The machine’s motor drives the wire rope, causing it to move in a continuous loop to cut through the surface. The diamond beads embedded in the wire rope gradually abrade the concrete, creating a cutting line. The cutting speed can be controlled by adjusting the motor’s speed and the feed rate of the wire rope.

Cooling and lubrication: Concrete cutting generates heat and friction, which can damage the wire saw and reduce cutting efficiency. To address this, water or a specialized cutting fluid is applied during the cutting process to cool and lubricate the wire rope. This helps to maintain the cutting performance and extend the life of the wire saw.

Control and precision: One of the key advantages of wire sawing is its ability to achieve precise and controlled cuts. The wire saw can be guided along a predetermined cutting path to create straight lines, curves or complex shapes as required. Operators carefully monitor the cutting process to ensure accuracy and adjust the cutting parameters if necessary.

Wire cutting offers advantages such as versatility, precise cutting, reduced vibration and the ability to cut large and thick concrete structures.

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