Core Drilling

Our extensive core drilling services will meet your every need! Allied Sawing & Services drills holes into walls, ceilings and floors to prepare for installation of new ductwork or piping. We provide fully bonded and insured core drilling services for any job big or small. We have worked with mechanical contractors who have remodeled dorm buildings, installed pipe bollards and performed drilling for plumbing jobs including manholes for storm sewers.

Our expertise provides a wide variety of core drilling widths and depths. Our core drilling services can be as small as ½ an inch in diameter to 36” in diameter. In homes we can use a 24” drill bit and have the capability to use a 36” bit. Our work is clean, precise and affordable!

Core drilling uses a specialized drill that can penetrate sturdy materials such as concrete, stone, brick, and asphalt. The power and size of the drill used is dependent on the size of the project. Specialized drill bits will help maximize performance on varying surfaces. Small drills are used for home projects while larger drills are used for massive concrete projects. All construction projects will require core drilling as it makes a surface, such as concrete, suitable for the installation of anything from an HVAC system to a sprinkler system. Get started with your core drilling project today!

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Manhole Core Drilling

core drilling for a new manhole for sewers

Core Drilling for Plumbing Line Installation

core drilling for plumbing pipe installation

Core Drilling for Ductwork

core drilling for ductwork installation
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