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Wall sawing and hand sawing are used for a variety of interior jobs such as home remodels, commercial remodels, cutting egress windows and more!

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Wall & Hand Sawing service

Wall sawing is the perfect cutting solution for vertical and sloped surfaces, even those that are extremely steep. Our superior quality saws can easily cut through concrete, stone, asphalt and more! We use high quality diamond blades with our wall saws to create the most precise cuts possible. Our wall saws run on a track-mounted system that maximize speed and safety and create ease when making cuts on steep inclines.

Likewise, hand sawing provides a portable option to saw in tight places where a wall saw is unable to reach. Hand saws are a perfect solution to any interior concrete job with limited space. Our expert team at Allied Sawing & Services is trained to safely and efficiently operate hand saw. We can make precise cuts that will fit your every need!

Wall Sawing

Slab saws get the job done right

Wall sawing easily creates precise vertical and horizontal cuts. These saws create openings in concrete walls and can easily add new doors, windows, or other openings to an existing structure. Wall saws are also useful in the installation of an HVAC system. When new cuts need to be made for ventilation, a wall saw is the perfect tool to use. They can also be utilized to create a crawl space. Whether you are looking to add features to an existing home or install a new system, we will provide the precise cuts that keep your home improvement on track. These are just a few of the wall sawing services that Allied Sawing & Services provides. We are eager to hear from you and get started on your project today!

Why opt for wall sawing?

The right saw for the job

Our wall saws provide safe and efficient service to the projects that we work on. All of our wall saws are electric. This means there is no danger of hydraulic fluid spills or contamination, making it a safer process not only for us, but for your home or building as well. Additionally, wall saws are remote controlled and are a safer alternative to the old models. Older saws positioned the user right next to the blade creating a dangerous environment for anyone operating one. Wall saws are a much safer option for the person operating it which is why wall sawing is the perfect solution to all of your large cutting needs.

Hand Sawing/Chain Sawing

Hand sawing is preferable for small jobs where there is not a lot of space. Our hand saws are lightweight and portable which makes them ideal for indoor jobs. They can be used in any cutting job where a large cutting saw seems impractical. Additionally, hand saws are a cost-efficient solution for any home improvement project. Hand sawing makes all projects economical, efficient and versatile. These machines are powerful, portable, and will easily slice through any concrete surface. Hand saws are best-fitted for jobs involving:

Our highly experienced team at Allied Sawing & Services uses the best equipment to ensure each job is done right. In addition to completing the job correctly, we make safety our priority. We provide the most innovative services for all of your sawing needs and we are eager to get started on your project!

Additional Services

Slab Sawing

Allied Sawing & Services use slab saws on driveways, sidewalks, runways, praking lots, bridge decks, roofs and more!

Core Drilling

Allied Sawing & Services drills holes into walls, ceilings and floors to prepare for installation of new ductwork or piping.

Wire Cutting

Call us today for a free quote on your next concrete cutting or selective demolition project. We are eager to work with you!

Robotic demolition

Call us today for a free quote on your next concrete cutting or selective demolition project. We are eager to work with you!